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Are your people performing at their best so that your organisation can be productive, performing & profitable?

Your organisation has these 3Ps; the Best POLICIES & strategy, the Best PRODUCT for your customers, the Best PROCESSES that harness big data, machines, tools & technology.

But… these 3Ps are non-living.

The PEOPLE in your organisation is the living catalyst that optimise the POLICIES, PRODUCTS & PROCESSES to elevate your organisation to greater heights & profitability.

As a hands-on Human Resource practitioner on Organisation Development & Change with MNCs & Singapore enterprises for 20 years, we know its the PEOPLE in your organisation that make the difference.

People Challenges

  • Not engaged & low motivation at work
    Misalignment with Organisation’s Vision, Mission, Goals & feel unappreciated at work
  • Having a fixed & negative mindset towards Industry 4.0 Organisation changes
  • We help your Leaders & People to Transform for a Better Future™ towards Industry 4.0
    Align Organisation’s business strategy with Change Management, Leadership Development, People Engagement, Apply The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace™

Leaders' Challenges

  • Can’t build a high performing team that are multi-generational, multi-nationalities & geographically dispersed
  • Not thinking strategically but firefighting
  • We help your leaders through Employee Performance Coaching Program & the World’s 1st Action-based MasterCoach App™

Let Breakthrough Catalyst journey with you.

  • Build a Thriving workplace through The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace™
  • Equip your leaders & teams to manage change- Transform for a Better Future™ towards Industry 4.0
  • Enhance leadership effectiveness & employee engagement-Employee Performance Coaching Program & MasterCoach App™

Let’s start our conversation to elevate your people & organisation to greater success.

Email: jasmine@breakthroughcatalyst.org

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