Why Engage us?

How can Breakthrough Catalyst journey with ?

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until how much you care”.  Damon Richards (Expert on Customer Care)

Do you face these common challenges with Unprofessional Training Providers and Trainers?

  • Provide “off the shelf” and “one size fits all” generic learning and training program solutions? (These are the only standardised programs they offer!)
  • Do not care for your organisation; fail to listen, understand, customize and contexalise their content and application for your organisation? (Extra time, work and effort to customise & contexualise for you!)
  • Ultimately, fail to meet your organisation’s objectives, solve your issues and deliver the results.

We understand and empathise your situation.

  • Just like you, our Founder and Principal Training Consultant Jasmine Liew, a former Human Resource Practitioner for 16 years and an Award-Winning Training Leader faced these challenges when engaging training providers and trainers.
  • Hence, she started Breakthrough Catalyst to help you to break free from these challenges and journey with you to design and deliver customised programs and solutions that are you truly what you need or want. Importantly, able to achieve your organisation and business objectives and deliver the results that you want.

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Breakthrough Catalyst care for our customers.

Every organisation is unique and valuable; we provide “made to measure” and not “one size fits all” solution and “off the shelf” learning and training programs for individuals, teams and organizations.

Every organisation has its own purpose, requirements, challenges and concerns; Breakthrough Catalyst strives to journey with our clients to achieve significant breakthroughs from where they are to where they aspire to be.

Breakthrough Catalyst ignites a new level of thinking, decisions and actions that achieve positive change that leads to improvement, development and success for individuals, teams and organisations.

Let Breakthrough Catalyst journey with you and break-with from Upselling, Hard Selling, Off the Self and One Size Fits all learning solutions!