About Breakthrough Catalyst

“Breakthrough- an important discovery that helps to improve a situation” – Extracted from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press

“All significant breakthroughs are break-with from old ways of thinking” – Thomas Kuhn, The Scientist who popularize the term “Paradigm”.

Our logo symbolises a globe of People, Teams and Organisations aligning, interconnecting and soaring together to achieve greater success

The separate arrows are connected to each other by just a touch to form a 3D globe. The dark blue being our corporate colour, delivers the brand promise of CREDIBILITY, RELIABILITY and PROFESSIONALISM as we journey with our clients and participants to achieve a productive, performing and profitable organisation.


Elevate People and Organisations to Greater Success 


To journey with individuals, teams and organisations and breakthrough from the present stage to a desired future stage in terms of Organisation Development and Effectiveness, Change Management and Transformation, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement and Employee Performance Coaching.

Our methodological approach is to contextualise and customise the content into the organisation culture and practical applications for the organisations leaders and the team members.

We strive “To Equip, Enable and Empower Leaders, Teams and Employees to move towards greater success from “Knowing (Understand), Doing (Apply) to Being (Living it).”