The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace Program™

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace Program™ (2 day)

“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”

Employees in the workplace need to feel appreciated and valued so as to enhance their motivation to do their best, increase their job satisfaction and employee engagement. As part of leadership and effective management, appreciative leadership will motivate and inspire your workforce to become high performing teams that drive results and success.

Appreciation at the workplace is a good “investment”; it leads to engaged employees and inculcate a positive interpersonal working relationship that foster a productive and performing organisation. When your people are appreciated and motivated, they bring this positive attitude and behaviour to serve internal and external customers.

With the rapid and radical changes in organisation, by showing respect and effective ways of appreciation to the employees, they are more motivated to support the change and not resist the changes.

Moreover, effective appreciation in the workplace will lead to a thriving workplace when multi-generational workforce and employees who work remotely due to geographical locations, shift patterns and time zone difference feel connected, valued and appreciated by their leaders and peers.

This practical hands-on workshop will answer these common questions that you face:

  1. My staff are disengaged at work and low morale, how can I improve the employee engagement so that they can better contribute to the organisation and serve my customers?
  2. I face challenges in managing my people; they are resisting to changes. How can I get them to support the changes?
  3. How can I better appreciate and motivate my people to reach higher performance and potential as part of People Management and organisation success?
  4. As leaders and managers, how to appreciate my people without depending on monetary rewards and awards?

By applying the 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work- Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Acts of Service, and Tangible Gifts, appreciation goes beyond monetary and extrinsic rewards yet reap more effective and sustainable benefits for you and your team.


  1. Understand the importance of Employee Engagement and the role of Leaders and Managers to foster an engaging working environment and keep employees engaged.
  2. Identify the importance and benefits of showing appreciation at work
  3. Apply the core concepts of appreciation and distinguish the differences between recognition and appreciation.
  4. Discover your preferred appreciative languages and what it means
  5. Practice the different ways of showing Appreciation in an effective, meaningful and personalised way as a leader and towards your bosses, subordinators and colleagues
  6. Identify and manage the challenges faced in one’s appreciation blind spots, giving timely and authentic appreciation and appreciating challenging people at work
  7. Enhance the workplace through authentic, appreciation and personalised work appreciation

Overview of Employee Engagement

  • Understand the concept and importance of Employee Engagement
  • Discover the essential conditions for employees to feel engaged
  • Identify ways to foster employee engagement and enable employees to feel engaged

Appreciation Fuel Success at Work

  • Examine what makes an effective leader, manager and colleague through appreciation
  • Discover the benefits of Appreciation in the workplace

Appreciation in the Workplace

  • Identify the differences in appreciation and recognition
  • Discover different people require different forms of encouragement & appreciation
  • Apply gratitude in the workplace

The 5 Languages of Appreciation at the Workplace

  • Describe the 5 Appreciation Languages and how each appreciative language apply to different staff and co-workers
  • Practice authentic and personalised appreciation in an effective way
  • Foster trust, rapport and mutual understanding

1.       Words of Affirmation
a.       How & when to give words of affirmation effectively?
b.       Encouragement and motivation through effective praise and feedback

2.       Quality Time
a.       Focused attention through attentive listening and effective questioning
b.       Quality time during one on one conversation, group discussions and meetings and coaching

3.       Acts of Service
a.       Provide support and assistance to staff appropriately
b.       Effective supervision and delegation

4.       Tangible Gifts- How to give the right non-monetary gift to the right person
5.       Physical touch to reinforce other appreciative languages (High 5, Pat on the back)

Use the Right Languages during Performance Appraisal Conversations

  • List the challenges and concerns during performance appraisal conversations and performance feedback
  • Practice how to overcome your challenges during performance conversations and giving feedback
  • Examine what makes an effective leader and manager during performance appraisal conversations and feedback
  • Discover the benefits of using Appreciative languages during appraisal conversation
  • Practice how to conduct performance conversations through the types of appreciative languages in an effective way -What you say, do and give

Apply the 5 Languages as an Effective Leader, Manager and Peer

  • Understand your “Motivate by Appreciation Inventory” MBAI™ profile findings and areas for improvement
  • Identify your least valued appreciative language and blind spots and how it affects you during performance appraisal conversations
  • Discover your Identify your team members preferred appreciative language
  • Identify how to be adaptable and modify your primary language of appreciation towards staff with different preferred appreciative languages
  • Give authentic appreciation at different work setting/situations especially staff with performance issues, negative mindset, defensive & emotional
  • Identify your action plan to work on each Appreciative Language
  • Incorporate Appreciative Language into your organisation, team culture and the workplace


  • Research-based and skill-based concepts and techniques
  • Interactive and experiential activities with debriefs to crystallize learning with realism and practical application based on the organisation’s context and workplace situations
  • Practical usage to ensure immediate transfer of knowledge and skills through contextualization of contents and materials
  • Practices and exercises
  • Case studies
  • Discussion

Directors, Leaders, Managers, Executives and HR and anyone in a position who is working towards the enhancement of employee engagement, productivity and performance through an organisation culture and workplace environment where there is effective appreciation and motivation

Testimonials from Leadership Team and HR

Jasmine was our Guest Speaker at conduct a Keynote Session on “Showing Effective Appreciation at the Workplace” for our Managerial level employees, including our CEO on 26 Jan 2018.

Jasmine has been very supportive for the entire event including the pre-event preparation and co-ordination, which eventually lead to a very successful, engaging and enlightening session. The examples Jasmine used spoke to our heart and her clever use of wit and humour made the session lively. The use of mobile and web technology by her also enhanced the interactivity between her and the audience.

We would like to thank Jasmine for her efforts and highly recommend her for consideration to speak and facilitate similar events.

Ivan Hee, VP Management, Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Co. Pte. Ltd. (SSMC)

Your training program at our Leadership Retreat was relevant to our organization which strongly believes in striving to Build A Strong And Positive Work Culture in long term.  You have indeed successfully implanted “The Five Languages of Appreication In The WorkPlace” to all my colleagues. Through the program, we are able to understand how to communicate with each other, actions to be taken or things / words to be avoided when we communicate with each other.

You have also successfully created a strong interaction atmosphere among all the participants for all your activities which strongly impressed us!  This training make us feel more valued at our workplace, we can communicate the appreciative regularly among ourselves and to express the appreciative languages or actions preferred by each individual in our daily work life.

On behalf of all the participants, I wish to take this opportunity to thank-you for this awesome training and we had truly enjoyed ourselves.

Yee Pei Wan, Waynie, Human Resource Manager, Parkway Pantai Hospital Ipoh

The workshop has been very helpful for my key personnel and senior teachers to develop a common language as they appreciate their colleagues. The materials and resources that you had so generously shared were very concise and useful. There were many takeaways and the real cases that you have given us enabled us to practice the concepts, tools, giving useful feedback and applying the learners’ mindset language were really helpful.

Most importantly, your passion and deep knowledge of the subject have kept my team highly engaged. We particularly liked the stories that you shared about how knowing and practicing a person’s Language of Appreciation could help to enhance the quality of relationship.

On the whole, the workshop has made an impact for my team and once again thank you Jasmine for inspiring my team and making the learning enjoyable!

Ms Audrey Wong, Principal, Chongzheng Primary School

Beneficial Outcomes of the Program

  • We can be able to appreciate one another better & achieve higher job satisfaction.
  • Good for others to know about others’ preferred language of appreciation to improve work culture
  • Everyone needs to know the language of appreciation as it helps to build a positive culture in the school
  • Very informative & relevant if you have people at different level of understanding & working together
  • Content of the workshop is very useful and relevant to anyone, not just middle manager or managers
  • Relevant to our job as Middle Manager
  • Thank you for injecting the passion to develop our people
  • Give everyone a platform & opportunity to focus on being more humane
  • Practical Training Content & application activities
  • Using practical examples and videos as part of teaching tools
  • Opportunity to apply the knowledge taught
  • The content was good. Good references.
  • The fact that there are many useful areas & tools that can also be applied even at home
  • The course is very interesting & interactive
  • Session was engaging with various group activities
  • Trainer’s experience and expertise
  • Very inspired, Jasmine has done a wonderful job in this course.
  • Trainer has put in lots of effort to make the training effective & engaging, appreciate it Professionalism of the trainer.
  • Appreciate the effort from Jasmine, her previous experience in this industry & breadth in other industries have made the course more relatable & applicable to our context and culture.
  • The trainer is very professional & is systematic in her training.
  • The various concepts were explained by the trainer in a very concise manner. The samples shared by the trainer had further helped in my understanding of the concepts.
  • Jasmine is sincere & her terminologies used are familiar to us in the education fraternity
  • Thank you, Jasmine, for your time and effort in sharing your expertise with us
  • Thank you very much Jasmine, it has been wonderful listening to you
  • Facilitator is approachable
  • Very kind and friendly trainer
  • Thank you for the insightful workshop
  • Very meaningful course
  • Well done